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I REQUIRE FULL or REMAINING PAYMENT 4 WEEKS PRIOR TO EVENT. Payments can be made in advance. I take Cash, Checks, or I can send a electronic invoice and it be payed via Credit/Debt Card. [For electronic payment there will be 10% added for that transaction.] A $100 non-refundable (under my discretion and certain circumstances I will refund  the deposit) deposit is REQUIRED to guarantee that date. The $100 deposit WILL come off the final price. ANY outdoor events will be an additional $200 due to additional equipment. Some events may have an extra charge due to mileage.


I require a minimum of three hours to set up (unless otherwise specified). This guarantees I WILL be set up by the start time. That also allows for any issues or bugs to be fixed during set up. I also require power source within 50 feet of DJ set up area.

Strobe/Flash/Pulsating Lights:

Please let me know beforehand if anyone in attendance is epileptic. This will allow me time to adjust the light shows. I can also turn off the feature at any given moment during the event if necessary. 

Custom Monogram:

If you are interested in having a light shine a custom text or image on the wall or dance floor (ex. Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Initial of last name, etc.) let me know. It is included with the Silver and up packages.

If you want something personalized (ex. full name, date, etc.) it will be an additional $75. I need to know 6 weeks prior to event date to ensure that I can have it made in time. If for some reason the gobo does not get to me in time I will refund the $75.



Haze and/or Fog Jet will be provided. I have been using haze at my events since 2014 and I have not had any owners, clients, or attendees have any issues with it. Haze when paired with moving lights and lasers creates a unique look and will really make your special night POP! I have NOT (knock on wood) set off any smoke alarms. Haze is a very light fog. It is like walking out on a foggy morning. It is just enough to make you notice it is there without effecting anything or anyone. The fog juice I use is a fast dissipating formula. The Fog Jet gives the effect of a C02 cannon. Using the fast dissipating formula the fog generated for that unit will dissipate within 90 seconds (based on a 30 +/- seconds, which is a full blast).

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