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Meet your DJ

Hello, my name is Scott and I was born in Michigan. After living there for a year we were forced to move to Tennessee due to my fathers job. As I grew up I had may hobbies, mainly model railroading, which my Grandpa got me hooked on it. I eventually learned to play the guitar and my best friend and I would all jam together and thought it would be amazing to play on stage on day. Well he had an amazing opportunity and got to play for one of the opening acts for the Winter Jam Tour.

After high school I went into the x-ray field. Radiology school was difficult, but while in class on day I was making a power point and in power point I made my very first mash-up. It want until I graduated x-ray school that I got into DJ-ing.

Everyone always ask how I got into it, so he is the answer.

I went to visit my now fiance in collage and she always hung out at the AGS house. To put things introspective it was kind of like the movie Animal House. Party in the basement, almost anything went, car radio wired into the wall, and some old speakers to which they upgraded one day to car speakers in the ceiling. We would be playing "water" pong and the someone would unplug a phone and plug another one in. The sound of a live cable being plugged in and unplugged got to me, so I started looking into DJ-ing software. Next time I showed up I had a copy of Virtual DJ Broadcaster. I thought it was the coolest thing to continuously play music without ads and interruptions.

I continued to DJ like that (software only, I was the person I hate) for a few months before I purchased my first controller and got a copy of Serato Intro. May more months passed by, I moved and got a house of my own, and then I had my first gig. It was a wedding for my friends cousin. Well I ran out and bought a PA system. At the time the gig went great but looking back it was rough, hey what do expect for a FREE DJ. I did tell him, hey this is my first gig ever, to which he was fine with and said everyone need to start somewhere.

Skip ahead a year and I watched videos where DJs were using these robotic looking lights (moving heads). I though this was so cool so I proceeded to buy some. I struggled with the concept of how the DMX (Digital Multiplex) and how to program them, I even considered giving up till I stumbled across a video on YouTube. It was actually a DJ tutorial on How to Beatmach BY EAR! made by some guy named Christian Jackson (a well known and established LD). I watched the video then the video that played next changed everything for me. It was, MA2 onPC Quick Start Guide. This was the coolest thing I ever had seen, I had to know more about this. This rabbit hole lead me to become inspired on creating lights show and telling stories with lights. To this day it is Christian Jackson who inspired my to get into lighting.


The Evolution

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